Apr. 2nd, 2017

Before I rant, here's where we're at on each show. We're caught up to Arrow Season 3/Episode 3; Flash Season 2/Episode 4; and we're totally caught up on Legends.

Would it kill the creators to take one couple and give them a relationship that lasts? Can they at least give that a go? "X-men: The Animated Series" had Jean/Scott as a couple the entire 5 seasons, and whatever was going on between Rogue/Gambit went on all 5 seasons too. In Firefly, Zoe and Wash had a stable relationship since before Firefly started and all through its run.

But in these three shows, let me see if I can even tally all the relationships that lasted a few episodes....

Laurel and Arrow
Sara and Arrow
Felicity and Arrow
Laurel and Tommy
Felicity and Ray
Kendra and Ray
Sara and Len (an attraction was hinted at, at least)
Thea and Roy
Amaya and Nate (again, we saw there was an attraction, they banged, but like any other relationship here IT JUST CAN'T WORK OUT/TOO MUCH ANGST/LIFE IS TOO HARD/OMG)

Who am I forgetting?

At least Iris/Eddie lasted pretty much most of season 1. Moira and Walter lasted a while but they weren't superheroes.

I apologize if something happens later on of which I'm not aware; please see above of where we're caught up to on Arrow and Flash. I know we're still like 2 and a half seasons behind on Arrow.

Yeah, I get it - heroes have A busy life, Arrow has more angst than one human being can possibly mention, we're all so messed up, blah blah blah.



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