3 Things

Apr. 19th, 2017 02:21 pm
1. Getting to work from home today and run an errand on my lunch break.

2. The food coop had peaches! I had one and it was amazing. We never get peaches this time of year. So good!

3. The day after tomorrow, I'm heading off to an Alaska show. Eric's coming with, and Pam will meet us there. It'll be a blast.
Yesterday was really lovely. Doris and I had our monthly date night (day); it was a boat tour on Lake Michigan. An LGBT group sold tickets as a fundraiser, and I surprised Doris by having our friend Eric meet us there. I'd never done this before and was worried it'd be boring and feel too long, but it went by fast. There was a brunch, after we ate we sat at the top level and enjoyed the beautiful Chicago skyline from the water and had a few drinks, and to top it off I won a raffle prize! The raffle prize is cool; it's a photo session with a pro. I talked to him today to book the appointment and I think it'll be fun.

Oh! And the cruise did this thing where they take your picture as you board. I'm so NOT photogenic, but our pictures turned out great so I bought them.

Interestingly, at the end of the "booze cruise", the announcer who works for the cruise line said they do private parties and anniversary parties, etc. I talked to him a bit - you can rent out an entire deck (like the LGBT group did) or just book a few tables. Hmmmmm. Doris and I have been thinking about options to celebrate our 15 year anniversary next year. This might be an option. It's wheelchair accessible which is good since her dad is having a bit of trouble getting around. Also, there was also a dance floor in the middle both decks, so if the weather had been bad, people could've had fun dancing. So you can have fun even if it rains.
The Supreme Court's decision!!
Miraculously I am still alive even though I drove back into town right as my area was under a tornado watch with heavy thunderstorms. That was not fun, sitting on a highway where traffic inched along, under torrential rains as the radio urges you to get off the roads and seek shelter. (I can't! Traffic's moving too slowly to go anywhere!)

I just hope Doris will be ok, but I think she will. The tornado warning is over, and she wasn't in the area with the warning anyway. Knock on wood, I think she'll 'just' hit heavy rain.

And miraculously the power was still on when I got home and so far our basement's not flooded. 



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