Haven't been to the movie theater in ages and was thinking about going tomorrow. I went looking on Fandango to see what's playing near me and, dear God, couldn't find one film that looked remotely interesting. Most of them looked downright awful. Is there anything good playing right now?

A couple weeks ago Doris and I rented Quinceanera, a coming of age tale, and enjoyed that very much. (Don't click the link if you're on dial up though). During the past few months, we've also been renting all of M. Night Shyamalan's movies and now can say we've seen all of them since Sixth Sense. I think I liked Sixth Sense the best, then Signs, then The Village, and would tie Unbreakable and Lady in the Water. But both of us pretty much liked all of his movies and hope he makes more. I understand that three of these movies got pretty bad reviews and I do see their flaws, but still enjoyed all of them.

Did anyone see the movie that Gina Torres (AKA Zoe) was in, "I Think I Love My Wife"? As gorgeous as the actress is, I couldn't bring myself to go see the film.

In other news, my sabbatical is going well. I treated myself to a walk in the park yesterday when the weather was beautiful and a massage today. From my "to do" list, I got my car tested for emissions, sorted through all of my clothing closets and clothes drawers and took unwanted items to a place that accepts donations, cleaned through my file cabinet and shredded what needed it, made use of a department store gift certificate I got for Christmas and bought some cute board shorts for our Punta Cana trip, bought other supplies for the trip (non-toxic insect repellent and unscented deoderant), went to my chiropractor appointment, and started to clean the fridge (goodbye jar of salsa that is 2 years old!). I also spent 3 hours today at Poised for Success, helping clients pick out outfits. I might want to slow down and save some of this stuff for the next 9 and a half weeks of sabbatical.

It was heavenly today, being home for a couple hours when the weather was nice and being able to open the windows and get fresh air inside. Can't even remember the last time I was able to do that.



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