Jan. 1st, 2017

Wow, importing my entries into DW was surprisingly easy - thanks everyone who provided me info and/or gave me a nudge. I guess now I need to decide if I post mainly here, crosspost everything, or post mainly on DW. What are you doing nowadays?

I'll also turn this into a gratitude post. In addition to begin glad that importing into DW was easy, I am SO grateful for our NYE party yesterday! I know I posted about it yesterday too, but I was really afraid at one point that we'd have literally one person over. Chris came. Eric came (despite the fact that he had a million options of things to do. Because - young handsome gay man who lives in gay area of town), Michelle came despite being sick, John came despite being an Uber driver and knowing he'd lose some income by not working for part of NYE, and Ann came despite being sick and her partner being really really sick and at home. He told her to go out and have a good time.

And we did - it was great to ring in the new year with lots of friends!



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