Mar. 7th, 2017

It sounds like LJ and DW aren't talking to each other any more? In any case, here's a recent post from my LJ.

Instead of doing a regular gratitude post today, I'll just say that I love the shows Arrow and the Flash. We finally finished Season 1 of Arrow, but with Flash we're still in Season 1. It's weird watching stuff out of order. Like, we're all caught up on Legends of Tomorrow so we know stuff from that show which impacts the characters in the episodes of the other two shows that we're watching now. Heck, even Season 1 of Flash just spoiled a character death that apparently will occur in Arrow.

Usually this stuff bothers me - and I'd be kicking myself for not watching this in order - but I'm just going to let it ride.

Anyway, some other random thoughts.

- Arrow is hot

- I had lustful thoughts about Arrow, then about Arrow and Tommy, and then about Arrow, Tommy, and Diggle

- Flash is a cutie-pie

- We really want to know what that devious Harrison Wells is planning and why

- I wish there were more LGBT characters. But they're doing ok. There's Sara, of course, in Legends. And the police captain in Flash, and the episode of Flash we just watched has a gay bad guy who looks like Harry Potter.

- Arrow is really hot

- But now let's talk about the women. Other than Sara in Legends (and sometimes Vixen in Legends), I am so underwhelmed by the female characters. So at this point, the women on the two shows are Laura Lance, Thea, Moira, Felicity, Iris, and Caitlyn. (Hope I didn't spell any of them wrong). My random thoughts are....yes, cool, they're all good at their jobs and many of them are brilliant. We have a brilliant attorney, someone who is smart enough to manage a nightclub on her own, a sometimes-CEO (when one of her husbands isn't being CEO I guess....), a computer genius, um a waitress turned reporter, and a brilliant doctor. Why don't I love any of them? Maybe I feel that none of them are really developed, complex characters. I mean they're not completely cardboard cut-outs but none so far has the complexity I'm looking for.

Also, on a petty side-note, if they're all so brilliant, why do they all wear high heels? All the fucking time. Wouldn't, say, a genius doctor realize that wearing heels 24/7 is going to fuck up her back, calves, feet, etc? Oh never mind, it's TV. I guess it's the same way how all the women of color are "light, bright, and almost white".

I want to like Felicity, but can we get real and admit there's nothing nerdy about her? The producers took a gorgeous woman, slapped some glasses on her, and said "here ya go, she's a total geek like you!" No.

I do love Sara though. There's that.

And no, I don't love Sara because she's bi or lesbian and the others are straight. I adore straight women, most of my friends are straight women, the X-women I love are all straight. So it's not their orientation that I have against them.

I'll keep trying to like them more. But I really just want to tear Arrow's clothes off now.



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