Apr. 15th, 2017

3 Things

Apr. 15th, 2017 08:33 am
1. Yay, when I stepped on the scale this morning, my weight was back at the low end of the range!! I'm really happy because last week it was slightly over the range I want it to be in.

2. Got my first Stitch Fix. It was nice but the clothes were too large for me. I sent everything but 1 item back. I will order again though, and I changed my "tops" size from large to medium. (It is hard since I'm kinda in-between - or, more accurately, it all depends on the type of fabric and how it's cut, as to whether I fit in a medium or large). But these larges were really large. The 1 item I kept is slightly large, but it'll work. I liked the look and style of what they sent over.

3. As usual, I'm in despair at the state of this country and our leadership. New political horrors every day. As my friend Ben said, it appears the prez and his friends just want to defund and destroy the government, except for the military and the police. But I am happy that I am doing what I can do as an individual. I have 2 meetings this upcoming week with my local Dems. Going to a tax-day protest today (since our prez hasn't released his tax returns). Last week there was an environmental town hall and the room was packed to the gills with people. Influence what you can influence, do what you can do. I just hope our country survives this.



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