May. 13th, 2017

3 Things

May. 13th, 2017 12:06 pm
 My gratitude list today will be how great Alaska's show was yesterday! It was a comedy show with about 8 other queens. The theater was smallish but regardless, the "plussed up" seats Alaska got us were awesome. Loved the show. And then many nice things happened after the show at the meet n greet - even though the meet n greet was one of those "drive by shooting" ones where you get about 10 seconds with the queens:

- While we were waiting in line to approach the queens, we saw Justin's (Alaska's) boyfriend Gabe. We called out to him, he seemed happy to see us and hugged us. We chatted a bit before the line moved. He said he forgot that we live in Chicago and would be there tonight. He also said what a long day it was (the queens had another show right after ours!)

- There's another queen named Heklina who I met years ago in San Fran when I had lunch with her, Justin, Pam, Pam's mom, and a couple other people. Heklina was super-nice then, and she remembered me last night! I just loved that she remembered me and was so sweet to me. (I saw her one other time since our lunch and she remembered me again too)

- And Alaska was great. Given the restraints by the organizers, we literally had 15 seconds together. We hugged, I handed him his gift and thanked him for the VIP seats. The people in line after us told me that right after we walked away, Alaska had called to me to say he loved the gift. That was sweet.  



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