May. 14th, 2017

3 Things

May. 14th, 2017 10:33 am
 1. Yesterday was a rare and wonderful Saturday where Doris wasn't working, we didn't really have anything scheduled, and the weather was great. We didn't do a ton, but we went to a vegetarian restaurant that has somehow escaped my notice even though it's been open for years. It was about a half hour drive from our place, the neighborhood it's in (Wicker Park) is lovely, and I wore my cute dress from Oh, and the restaurant was incredible!! It is tapas style which I normally don't like but I'm good with it when it's all vegetarian. The food knocked our socks off. The best burrito I've ever had, great Asian-themed dishes, even a simple avocado and arugula salad was crazy-good. And then we had sorbet which came in unusual flavors like avocado/lime and banana. Loved it!!

2. Yesterday my local Dems hosted 2 candidates for governor. Both were really good. The turnout was great too. I got excited remembering that there are decent politicians.

3. This last one is more of a confession: I've been buying too much clothing. After a disappointing Stitch Fix where almost everything went back and a trip to our local upscale resale shop (found lots of stuff that looked good but nothing fit me right), I bought 2 items from and a second dress from Many of us get a rush from buying new stuff, we're a nation of shoppers - much to the detriment of our planet. I guess I'm only human but I do also need to remember to not just give in to urges to have new and pretty things.  



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