Jun. 2nd, 2017


Jun. 2nd, 2017 06:48 pm
 As our country continues to go to hell, I am taking a lot of enjoyment in being very politically active.
1. That interview with the local newspaper (with me as chair of our Dems' LGBTQ committee) is going to take place! On Monday. If nothing else, the impending interview is giving me more ideas on things the committee can do.
2. Other political activities I have coming up this week: guest speakers are coming to the local Dems tomorrow to talk about getting active, the Action for Human Rights committee meets Tuesday, the Dems have their annual fundraiser on Thursday (which I might be too tired to go to since I'm coming home from Michigan that day). I also signed up to do some phone banking for a trans rights bill in Massachusetts; the training for that is the week after next.   
3. And I'll be making another go at it with the local food bank. Working on food rescue appeals to me - that is getting food from grocers and restaurants that is close to expiring. They need people to sign up for shifts to do that, and I will be doing that while on sabbatical. But my first such shift will be at the end of this month so I can test it out.



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