Sep. 5th, 2017

Yesterday was fairly uneventful - we flew home from Northampton and thankfully it was a smooth and easy trip back. I'm usually pretty tired after flying so we didn't do much the rest of the day except watch Orphan Black (just starting Season 4 now) and cuddle with the cat who adorably slept next to me on her back.

Weather was a bit hot and stuffy yesterday but today it is a cool, breezy, sunny 63 - my favorite! Our windows are open and I'm loving it. Mom, Dad, and I met in the city for lunch; I took them out for their birthdays. Then Mom and I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art. We went with a tour led by a docent, and she did a great job of explaining the exhibits. I got so much more out of it than if I had just looked at the items myself. BUT as always, all the stop-stand-wait-walk a bit-stop-stand-etc just wears on me. I just can't do museums; I was so tired. So we only scratched the surface of the museum and were there just an hour. I wish I could do museums but the only times I've enjoyed them are when Doris pushed me in a wheelchair. 

I picked up the CSA and cooked a bit.

Also I looked at my “to do” list for sabbatical, not the fun one but the one that’s comprised of chores. I’ve more or less completed it. There are a few things still to be done (deep clean each room of the house. Visit Aunty Joanne. Go through which items to take to electronics recycling - but I need Doris to weigh in on that). But by and large, the bulk of it is done. So yay!

Tomorrow marks the halfway point of my sabbatical. 



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