Sep. 25th, 2017

Today is the start of the penultimate week of my sabbatical.  

Because the heat wave continues, I took it pretty easy today. Just basically doing my usual things (laundry and grocery shopping included - I also re-hit Lindbergh park early, before it got too hot) and having a movie marathon. I have just 2 more episodes of The Expanse left and I'm caught up. I really love The Expanse. The people and characters feel real. The women are real, they are not presented as super-models. Unlike the women in all the Arrow-verse shows, the female characters in The Expanse don't always look like they just stepped out of the salon. 

I did do 1 item from my "sabbatical" list today. I had told myself that I can buy one new item of clothing before returning to work. I had intended to do it next week, since it's my last week of sabbatical. But Pam's coming next week and better weather is supposed to resume the day after tomorrow, so I decided to do it today since shopping in an air conditioned store is something I can do during a heat wave. I went to Chicos first but didn't like anything they had, so then I went to Trends and found a top I liked. I'm also getting a Stitch Fix but my last Stitch Fix was a complete bust, so this top will be nice in case Stitch Fix bombs again.

Tomorrow I will pick up the CSA, do a food rescue at Fruitful Yield, and if I'm feeling up to battling the 90 degree heat, go to a pro-ACA rally in Chicago. Then, thankfully, it's supposed to cool way down on Wednesday!



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