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3 more things that bother me about Arrow, Flash, and Legends

1. I get that it's based on comic book characters, but I'm tired of everyone rising from the dead. We recently watched the episode of Arrow where Sara dies, but we know she comes back so all the emotion was sucked out of it. Does anyone stay dead? (What, is this X-men?) Are Tommy and Moira pissed that they (so far) stay dead? (Or do they come back too? Sorry, don't answer that; even though I know plenty of spoilers I do try to avoid them. We're still early in Season 3 of Arrow, and early in Season 2 of Flash).

2. Season 2 of Flash is a real bummer so far. Earth 2? Harrison Wells again?? Please tell me that other fans agree this is lame af - or that Season 2 gets better.

3. I don't want to say anything more about the female characters' clothing or hotness, or how unfair it is that guys get to basically just "come as you are" with hardly any effort to look good. But why does Cisco always look and dress like me on a Sunday morning whereas Caitlin always looks like she's attending her own engagement party or a summer wedding? Why are we constantly told that Felicity is not hot when she so obviously is more gorgeous than 95% of the female population?



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