May. 30th, 2017 08:08 pm
Damnit, I never made an "Arrow" tag. Well, in any case, after months of hard work Doris and I are finally caught up and have watched every episode.
I freaking love this show.
Yes, I stand by every criticism I've made of it in the past. Dead people coming back to life (or coming back as their Earth 2 dopplegangers) works my every nerve. (Unless it's Sara, they can keep on bringing her back each time she dies). Every female always has perfect hair no matter what battle they're in the middle of, and it's sad that other than Dig and Lyla, no couple lasts very long here. I probably just jinxed Dig and Lyla. Also the flashbacks to Ollie's life away from Star City get boring after a while.  
But I think Season 5 was the best yet. I love the expanded team, and love the team dynamics. I love the realistic issues they all face -  even stuff like Dig and Lyla's fights about Argus - and how they discuss it. I like the good continuity the creators have given us over 5 seasons, and I do love the complex weave of characters and how sometimes people we haven't seen for a while like Nyssa or Malcolm will pop up. I love that there's hope of Oliver and Felicity getting back together, and I really have all the feels for Curtis and I hope he keeps on being a major character. 
One new complaint. The way they treated Ragman feels really unfinished. So....his rags don't work anymore, so he goes away, and that's just it? That's not how I was expecting his arc to just fizzle out and I hope they have some plans for him on Season 6.
I am left to only wonder why I haven't gone all crazy fangirl for Arrow as I did for X-men. Maybe it will creep up on me because I should be obsessed. 



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