When I was younger, I used to not always enjoy the company of older people because I felt they often complained about physical ailments. I think I'm getting what I deserve now.

My right knee continues to pop when I climb stairs. It's been basically okay when I'm not climbing, but my gut tells me that the popping isn't just going to magically go away. I guess it's time to call the chiropractor.
It looks like I really am having knee problems now. One knee has been sore sporadically for weeks. For the first time ever, on Sunday it started to make a pop-noise (one of the freakiest feelings I ever had) as I climbed stairs. Monday it was basically okay but today it started the popping thing again.

Here's what I'm planning on doing about it:

- do my quad-strenghtening exercises more consistently at home
- start doing the quad-strenghtening machines at the gym too
- cut step aerobics down to only one day per week and use a lower step (this one makes me the saddest; I love step)
- if it gets sore again, I'll start icing it
- some prayer and positive energy couldn't hurt
- if the popping continues, I'll see my chiropractor about it

In the memorable words of my friend [livejournal.com profile] nytshd3, "It could mean that the cartilage in your knee is crapping out".

Getting old sucks. And it really really sucks when you want to workout, want to give 100% to a workout but are afraid of making a wrong move and getting hurt.
I do a cardio workout almost every day. Sometimes I wonder if there could be negative effects on my knees over the long run. I was surfing through a discussion group on exercise and I just remember one person writing "Your knees won't last forever". I am careful to stretch before and after workouts, to get new aerobic shoes regularly, to limit step aerobics to twice per week (I'd love to do step more often), and to do exercises to strengthen my quads. And my knees do feel just fine 99% of the time. But still, I wonder if there's something different or something more I should be doing to make sure my knees last as long as possible.



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